Soleil River Nation

has had a world of influences in her short life. Born of a Filipina mother and an American father, she has been privileged to travel great distances and enjoy many cultures. Her dynamic sense of self goes way beyond her five years of age,  her creative artistry is but one such example. Her sense of style, her comfort with all types of people, young or old, and her intuitive nature would have you believe you are not speaking to a child not yet entered kindergarten.

She started painting at age four and the youngest artists to showcase her artwork during the first only kids exhibit happening simultaneously with Art Basel in Miami Beach in 2018 – Wonder.

She has been accumulating private collectors since then and has sold numerous paintings.

Her happy go lucky nature comes across in her ability to captivate people and put her original happy thoughts into her art.

Her original works are self-taught and at this time, limited only by the materials she uses and the restrictions of not having her own studio but the world itself. She names her works and sees them as gifts to be enjoyed by all.