Soleil River Nation

Los Angeles, CA /  New York, NY  and Miami, FL

Instagram: @soleilrivernation Facebook: Soleil River Nation


Age Range: 8-10 Height: 52” Weight: 52  lbs. Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Race: Filipino-American

Commercial and Prints
Hasbro - Play-Doh - Cluck a Dee. Delta Apparel (youth) YMCA - Frost Valley
Pedialyte - Heroes Morgan Stanley
Disney on Ice Disney World Comm.
Publix Commercial
Toy Story - Jessie NBE School
The Lion King Shenzi MCT
Aladdin - Sultan MCT
Mulan - Zhang MCT
Grease - Frenchy MCT
Mary Poppins - Katie Nana MCT
The Aristocats - Rocquefort MCT
The Nutcracker Royal Ayala Ballet Performing Arts/Dance/Costume Miami New Drama
Alice in Wonderland Arts 4 Change
Unclassical Miami Vibes Miami Music Project
Fantastic Season Finale 2x FIU Wertheim Center
Gibson Showroom Wywnwood School
Miami Gardens Music Fest Young Musicians Unite
Local News 10                      Miami Proud - Featured Artist
Hosting, Dancing (Ballet, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary, Acrobatic, Breakdancing, and Ballroom) Piano, Guitar, Gymnastics, Roller Skate, Figure Skating, Capoeira, Karate, Skate Board, Singing, Social Influencer, Swimming, Diving, Arts and Crafts, Public Speaking