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Why Own A Soleil?

Why Own A Soleil?

1. Each work of art is authentic and original

Paintings offer a unique way to capture special moments through the expression of the artist. The feelings, the thought, the hope, the dream; the treasure of experience that she had once and will never have again. No two human beings have identical revel in a piece of art. When we hand the painting over to you, it will become yours. You start developing your very own moments within it – your hopes and dreams, mind, and emotions. She begins the piece, however, you are the one who completes it.

2. We use the best art supplies

We take advantage of best the highest caliber of the canvas, paint and blended media substances in all of her authentic works. All of our giclées are generated from high-resolution digital pics and revealed on museum satisfactory canvas material with high great archival inks and protectant spray coating to save you scratches and other damage. They’re to be had on a canvas wrap, stretched canvas, or one hundred% cotton rag archival watercolor paper. The canvas wrap is a low-value alternative to traditional framing which allows you to determine if you need a frame for the piece or now not. Every unique/giclée is hand stamped, with a certificate of authenticity.
3. Directly buy from the artist

When buying art from a gallery, you typically interact with the receptionist and sales team, and sometimes the proprietor. Many times you don’t get to meet the artist to inquire about your favorite portions or ask what the thought process in creating it. You don’t get to discover their story! But when you buy artwork from Soleil we make sure to meet you so we can add you in the memories for her to look back (after all she’s only 5).  You may ask questions and get to know the real Soleil. Suppose how cool it will be to tell your friends that you’re not just a collector, however, you have known the artist personally. An art prodigy!
4. By going direct you save money

That means you get more value for what you spend. There aren’t any galleries or marketers marking up the price to take an exorbitant commission off the top. Our fees are primarily based on the dimensions of the piece, its complexity, the materials that she takes advantage of, and what kind of time it takes her to paint. The fee hasn’t been inflated every time it changes palms until it reaches you. So not only you’re saving but ultimately get customized provider at once from the artist – you sincerely can’t beat that!

5. You’re investing in the art and the artist

Artworks are such a vital part of lifestyles today – we can’t switch on our computer systems or phones or maybe step outdoor without hearing a beautiful tune or seeing stunning images. We’re surrounded by means of artwork on our walls and colorful models on our clothing and an array of exciting sensory stories. Every author of these works has contributed without delay in creating our life more beautiful. Consider it: we don’t hesitate to spend money on food and garb and those people that help to improve our lives. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in a person who has awakened your heart and sparked your imagination?

6. Her paintings are continuously evolving

This implies that there is something for all in her works – be it figurative, animal, portrait, landscape, nature, abstract, or a combination of the above – rest assured it will constantly evolve. She is only 5 years old, but she paints almost every day as a hobby and with a constant practice that means her works will change for the better. If you want to commission a painting, now could be the time to shop for the original – She might in no way create something like that again!

7. Economic decline? What slump? Her business is growing … be a part of it!

Soleil’s Art has grown so much in the last two years and is more widely appreciated than ever before. Come share in our success.

8. The price of her paintings continues to move up

As her enterprise maintains to grow, the fee of her artwork maintains to move up as nicely. That fee will only maintain to increase through the years – which means any pieces you buy will become heirlooms so as to pass down to your kids and grandchildren. Imagine, your family owning a De Kooning?

9. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

We will provide you the possibility to try out a piece while you buy it. You have up to 30 days to exchange your thoughts about the piece. If you aren’t satisfied, you will be refunded the entire price in exchange for the painting back in the precise condition it was purchased in. How many artists and marketers can offer the same value?
10. Art has been scientifically established to help stay an extended and more healthy existence.

In a scientific study wherein a guinea pigs had been installed to a brain scanner and exhibited 30 special works by world-renowned artists, they located that after the guinea pigs looked at a chunk of artwork that they clearly enjoyed, blood flow heavily in to the mind by 10 percentage (the same as looking at a loved one!) the growth in blood flow became immediately associated with how much they enjoyed the piece. Once they had been shown works that are unsightly, there was very little change or nothing at all. Despite the fact that it may appear apparent that looking at something lovely will make you happy, the scientific study proved that it influences our brain even greater than we previously notion. Hanging a bit of artwork for your wall which you love does greater benefit for you every day (as though that advantage wasn’t sufficient!). If it could help increase the blood flow on your mind that helps you to have a healthier cognitive function, then it may additionally enhance your lifestyle.

11. You like beauty and need to feel the magic

You love surrounding your self with lovely things at the same time as gratifying and expressing your own creative self along with your collection. Proudly owning a Soleil lets in you to step into this global of magic.


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